Database Maintenance & Monitoring(DBMM): Complete automation of Oracle database!!! dbmm is an easiest, quickest and robust solution for complete automation of new Oracle database setup under any unix or linux OS, which can be easily customized to client’s need with little changes, sometime no changes required at all. With dbmm DBAs can receive automatic alerts in case of a problem through email, pager or both (based on configuration). It allows DBAs to check the status of a number of important database services on hourly basis and keeps historical log on server file-system and in database too.

Main features dbmm provides:

    Monitor alert log at regular interval
    Database Availability
    Listener Availability
    Disk Free Space
    Tablespace Free Space
    Replication status
    Streams Monitoring
    Top session/hang-over session
    Data Guard monitoring (Primary, physical standby and logical standby database)

    Cold backup
    Hot backup
    Rman backup
    Logical backup using Export and Import
    Logical backup using Data Pump
    Will purge the old backup based on retention and generation parameter

    Purge rman backup set
    Delete expires archive log
    Synchronize rman catalog
    Register database in catalog
    Unregister database in catalog
    Purges (bdump, cdump, udump trace files based on retention parameter set)
    Analyze database to collect statistics
    Reorganize the schema at regular interval

Performance Monitoring:
    Data Buffer Cache
    Library Cache
    Data Dictionary Cache
    Log Buffer Cache
    Sorts/Disk vs Sorts/Memory
    Poorly Performing SQL
    System wait statistics

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